Day Three – Surround Yourself with Successful People

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I couldn’t tell you where I heard that the first time, but it is something that has stuck with me for years.

In my lines of work, I haven’t really had the *need* for the advice, but I think it had stayed in the far corners of my mind. Though I never really thought about it, in retrospect, I have always had the tendency of seeking out those that know what they are doing.  I look for the person who might be willing to take me under their wing and let me learn from them.

The same should go for blogging! If you take a look around, there are some fantastic blogs out there. There are also some Incredible blogs as well.

Take Problogger, for example. I have mentioned the site before, and I’m sure that many, if not all of you, are familiar with the blog and website. Darren Rowse has some great information that he passes along to the rest of us. John Chow and Yaro Starak are just amazing at what they do, as well. I try to read all of their blogs and emails once in a while, but I am certainly guilty of putting them on the back burner every so often.

On a more realistic front, I like to check in on some other blogs that seem to be on the right track (from what I can see). One of which is called ‘On Blogging Well.’

It has a clean, easy to read style that makes the intricacies of blogging seem that much less confusing.  This blog aims to do some of the same things, or will eventually.  Then there is a blog that I just enjoy reading for no other reason that it is entertaining, and that is Pajamas & Coffee.  The blog author is just plain fun to read – and that is what Daria’s Blog is shooting for.  A good read when you just feel like seeing what other people are doing.

In order to write well, it is said you must read.  A lot.  Read everything you can – not just what is in your comfort zone.  Doing this will take your writing to higher levels, or so it is believed.  Using this line of reasoning, wouldn’t it be wise to read other blogs in order to make your own blog great?  I would say, Yes.  Isn’t this considered ‘surrounding yourself with successful people?’  Again, I would say, Yes.

Okay, I’m sure that all of the blogs I read would not be considered ‘successful’ by some standards, but who cares?  To me, the fact that they have a blog that they post to on a fairly regular basis is a success – and is a step in the direction that I want to go.

Finding a forum in your niche is another great way to get a good support group formed.  Posting in forums that you can relate to, is an asset to your own blog.  Once you become familiar with other members of the group, it is much easier to give and receive information from them – be it positive or constructive.

In closing, I guess I’m trying to say that even if you don’t surround yourself with bloggers (or anyone else, for that matter) who are making millions of dollars a year, surround yourself with people who are *there*; the people who are where you want to be, doing what they enjoy.

They say that if you work at what you love, you will never work again.

Or something like that..

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