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I cannot say that I have ever thought of myself as an avid commenter.  

As I may have mentioned a few hundred times in the past, I’m pretty new to the ‘blog thing.’  I am still learning the ins and outs of the process, and I am loving it.  However, I did not fully grasp the concept of the comment.

In the beginning, naïve lil’ me had only thought of the comment as a plain comment.  It was a little blurb on someone’s blog that I left to let the author know exactly what I thought of the post.  Well, maybe not exactly.  However, it would be a little remark.  And I do know that I am using the word ‘little’ quite a lot in this one paragraph.  I will have to bust out the thesaurus before you all think that I have a really limited vocabulary.

Anyway, it took some time for me to learn just what a comment on a blog post can do!  I have been posting on Daria’s Blog for almost a year now.  Granted, it wasn’t all that consistent – and still isn’t where I would like it to be, but it had some action.  From February until maybe November, I had gotten *maybe* 4 or 5 comments.   FOUR OR FIVE!!!

It was pathetic and sad.  But I didn’t expect much from it, as I wasn’t doing anything in the way of Promotion!  I did not mention the blog on my twitter account, I didn’t have it on a FaceBook or MySpace page,  (Remember MySpace?  Where has that gone?), and I certainly didn’t have a mailing list to say “HEY!  I have a new post up! Read It!”

Well, after putting up a few posts, and reading other people’s blogs, I slowly came around to the idea of commenting.

After leaving a few comments, and seeing people reply, it began to take on more of a ‘discussion’ feel.  In the beginning, I hadn’t bothered to look to see if there were  responses!  Oh, how young I was..   Next thing I knew – people were commenting on MY blog!  I was thrilled!  I had a couple of readers, and they liked my stuff so much that they left their own bits and stories for me to read, and respond to. 

It was through these back and forths that I found IComLeavWe – which was a great find, and I thank you guys for creating such a great concept! 

If you look at my sidebar, you will see this month’s button.  I urge you to click on it, or the link above, and check it out!   It’s a great way to do a little promotion of your own blog!  

The concept is simple.  Add your name to the list of blogs.  When the day comes (January 21st for this month), you choose a few blogs – five is a great number, and you comment on a post that you enjoy.  Ideally, you will also respond to one of the comments on your own blog.  There is also the idea of ‘The Iron Commenter” – which is a crazy, yet admirable quest! 

You would leave a comment on Each and Every blog on the list.  Now, there were over 100 blogs on the list last month.  That’s somewhere around 20 comments per day – to hit every one of them.  INSANE!!!  It won’t stop me from trying, though….

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5 Responses to “Do you Comment?”

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I only like to comment when I actually have something to add to the conversation. I read a lot of literary agents’ blogs and I HATE it when wannabe writers leave a comment like “Great post, JoeBob!” on EVERY. FREAKING. POST.

They may think they are ‘networking,’ but they are actually just dumbing down the comments section.

I completely agree! I probably should have added that part to the post, and thank you for noticing that. I don’t do the ‘random generic comment’ when I post. Some may start out that way, but I ususally catch myself and add some substance to my comment. I don’t (usually) approve comments to my posts that come across the same way.. It’s just not fair to *actual* commenters. (That probably sounds weird, but it’s true…)

I comment as much as I possibly can; I used to read all the blogs I follow EACH DAY but I follow to many now so I kind of batch my reading/commenting. I tend to respond to the comments on my blog via email directly with the commenter as I find it more personal & fun to interact that way, especially in terms of making new friends!

I’ve been blogging a long time now with our without comments, but I love leaving them and getting them. I have been linking my blog posts to FB now and I think people visit but many don’t leave comments.
I’m going to check out your suggestion

I have been trying to keep up with the blogs in the ‘comment for a comment’ section of NaBloPoMo, but that doesn’t always work.

This will be the second month I attempt the IComLeavWe (as seen on the button in my sidebar). I had a pretty good time with it last month – and the cool part is that I found blogs that I probably would never have come across during a random blog search. I’m excited to see what I will find in January! Hey, I may even finish the week, since there isn’t a Holiday smack in the middle! =)

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